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A Day at My Home School Group

A Day at My Home School Group

Judging by her recap, ZoeiGirl might have one of the best school days of any Sparkler. —SparkNotes editors

When I read all of the "A Day in the Life of..." posts I was surprised that there were not any about being home schooled or cyber-schooled. I am home schooled myself but my favorite part of it is going to my home school group. My home school group meets every Thursday and this is pretty much how it goes:

8:50 a.m. Me and my family get to the church where we have our group, unload all our bags, and get bombarded by a chorus of "Hey!"s and "Hiya"s and lots of hugs.

9 a.m. Classical Theater—This class is pretty awesome. We have read and discussed A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Hamlet. We also do a lot of improv games, which normally end up in mass confusion and laughter.

10 a.m. Lunch—This is where I cram in any unfinished homework, eat, and sit with a bunch of crazy kids who include my younger sister and her friends.

11 a.m. Themed Learning—I actually teach this class, which is really fun! I teach nine 5-7 year old kids, seven of whom are very hyper little boys. We do various crafts and active games, and read cute little kid books about sharing and snowmen that come alive at night.

Noon Spanish 1—The best thing about this class is that there are only three students, including me. We go over vocab, read, then play Spanish board games that our teacher made. These can get pretty intense.

1 p.m. Writing—I am one of two 9th graders in this class. The rest of the kids range from 5th to 8th graders. It really stinks when the teacher in the video we watch tells us not to act like "the high schoolers."
Most of the time, me and my friends doodle stick people on each other's papers.

2 p.m. Art—This class is pretty simple. We mostly paint and have crazy conversations about random things like hot dogs, mustaches, pizza, and dead, famous artists.

3 p.m.—School's out! I gather up all my stuff, say bye to my friends, and head to the car, where I take a nap till we get home.

Recap—This is a really hectic day, but it's also fun. I would say it's 45 percent laughter, 5 percent confusion, 20 percent just plain randomness, 5 percent boredom, and 25 percent awesome!

Would you rather be home-schooled or go to public school?

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