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Awesome Thing of the Week

Awesome Thing of the Week

One of these cupcakes will be a hero.

Others may not survive.

The following YouTube vid isn't just another Awesome Thing adventure. It's a love story, a rite of passage, and a disaster movie. It's the YouTube cupcake experience of the season, and it's brought to you by Sparkler Avalon003.

We present: this week's Awesome Thing...

So, what did you think? Were you touched, or do you just want to touch cupcakes to your salivating tongue? Rate the vid on the -10 to 10 Scale of Awesomeness!

Last week, we meant war. A t-shirt war, in fact, which was sent to us by a bunch of Sparklers like frapp_cakes, but NOT by peaceonearth34 (sorry for the mix up, girl). You guys loved it, and the final rating was a 9.27, which means it's TIED WITH NINJA SKATER!!!

So which do you like more, the ninja, or the t-shirt war?

Send your Awesome Things and Horrible Things to for consideration!

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