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My Crush Isn't Very Famous

My Crush Isn't Very Famous

From anime characters to cartoons to dead people, Sparklers have a crush on pretty much everyone. everestgirl has a thing for not-so-famous celebs. We can't blame her—they're easier to stalk. —SparkNotes editors

If you're anything like me, you've spent many late night hours gossiping with your friends at sleepovers. Inevitably, the conversation turns to celebrity crushes. It's one of the laws of teen girl sleepovers. Also inevitably, you will mention a name that will elicit the response: "Who?"

As you rattle off the movies and TV shows your dreamy-eyed hunk has been in, you get the feeling that if the light were on, your friends would be staring at you like you just morphed into the Googly-eyed Maniac. Well, take comfort, cause we've all been there. Without further ado, here's my list of guys who seriously deserve more attention:

5) Sam Rockwell
What you've seen him in: My sci-fi geek side loves him as Guy in Galaxy Quest and the vapid Zaphod in Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, but apparently he's been in a ton of other movies.
Why I love him: Sam Rockwell can act. I seriously cannot watch him without cracking up. Apparently he's also pretty good at playing serious roles, but I haven't seen him in one. And there's the Zaphod smile. You gotta love the Zaphod smile.
What he needs: Actually, I can't really suggest anything for Sam at the moment. He seems to be a rising star, and he's going to be playing Tony Stark's rival in the upcoming Iron Man 2, so maybe we'll be seeing more of him.

4) Christian Borle
What you've seen him in: Probably nothing, unless you're a Broadway geek like I am (one needs many geeky sides to make up a nerd). In that case, you may have seen him as Emmet Forrest in Legally Blonde: The Musical, or Bert in Mary Poppins.
Why I love him: I love his character Emmet. Plus, his voice is amazing, and sometimes when he starts singing I seriously feel like I'm going to cry. (But that could also be because of low blood sugar. Whatever.)
What he needs: Christian needs to get attached to some big name movie adaptation of a musical (might I suggest Les Miserables? Please, please, pleeeeeze?). Seriously, look at Gerard Butler's career after The Phantom of the Opera! (Actually, his surge was probably due to 300, or some strange YouTube mash-up of the two. But still!)

3) Charlie Hunnam
What you've seen him in: I'm also a classical literature geek, so I saw him in Nicholas Nickleby. He also had a small role in Cold Mountain and a lead role in the show Sons of Anarchy.
Why I love him: As a rule, I don't like blonds. Nothing against them, just personal preference. But there's an exception to every rule. Charlie Hunnam is that exception. Mostly because he is SO FRACKING HOT!—ahem—sorry.
What he needs: A rom com. Or a starring role as a comic-book superhero. That always seems to do wonders.

2) Andrew Lee-Potts
What you've seen him in: If you're American, the Sci-Fi, sorry, SyFy miniseries Alice, as Hatter. If you're British, the show Primeval, as Connor.
Why I love him: His eyes. His guy-liner in Alice. His love for playing crazy characters. His hair in Alice. His acting ability. His accent. Yeah, basically everything.
What he needs: A mega-hit American movie. Please, somebody expose this guy to American audiences! He's amazing!

1) Hans Matheson
What you've seen him in: Umm... Les Miserables, anyone? He played Marius? No? Well, as I frantically scan Wikipedia, I see there's also the role of Mordred in The Mists of Avalon, Lord Blackwood's sidekick Lord Coward in Sherlock Holmes, and Alec D'Uberville in Tess of the Durbervilles.
Why I love him: My friend thinks he looks like a young Christian Bale. I'm not so sure I agree. What do you think?
What he needs: Several of Hans's movies have already been a hit with the critics, so I'm going to say a big budget rom com. Even if it's crappy. He just needs exposure.

Do you have any un-famous crushes? Who?

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