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Are You Living In a Jane Austen Novel?

Are You Living In a Jane Austen Novel?

Have you ever read a book and gotten the eerie feeling that you’ve heard the story before? And that not only have you heard the story before, but the story is about YOU? To be honest, we’re worried we're living in a Jane Austen novel. We have been reading a lot of her novels, and watching a lot of films based on her novels, and we’ve picked up on some patterns.

Here are some signs that you, too, might be trapped in an Austen novel.

You are the opinionated and outspoken member of your family/friend circle. "Open mouth insert foot" might be your personal motto. You've never been afraid to speak your mind. Consequently, a lot of people are embarrassed by you and find themselves apologizing on your behalf.

As a result of your “eccentric” personality, your family/friend circle is worried that you’ll never date. Perhaps you're a Dungeons and Dragons expert, or maybe your flirting techniques include staring at your shoes, but either which way, you're not catching a sig.

In their haste to see you mated off, your fam/friends attempt to set you up with a person you will inevitably detest. A real-life Mr. Darcy, this person is arrogant, unfriendly, or otherwise hard to like.

You find yourself sparring wittily. Your selected paramour may be a jerk, but there's no doubt he's fast on his mental feet.

Despite your urge to hate the person, you begin to like him/her. He thinks he's so smart, with his stupid comebacks and funny remarks, and pretty teeth, and shiny hair... oh crap. You love him.

Tragedy! Your love is thwarted by social class/distance! She’s a cheerleader and you’re a nerd! You met at band camp but now it’s time to part ways and go back to your hometowns!

Your family/friend circle tries to divert your romantic attention to someone else. Oh look at this sweet yet boring guy/girl who’s trying to win your affection! Enter the love triangle—will you follow your heart or your head?

You do/do not end up with mean guy/boring girl. Here’s the good part—in an Austen novel, the characters always end up with the right person. Sweet relief, no?

What book plot reminds you of your life?

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