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Open Thread for February 21

Open Thread for February 21

We love the Olympics. But we have a major problem with them: not NEARLY enough Johnny Weir.

Okay, so his event is over. Does that mean he has to disappear from our lives? Can't he comment on the ice dancing, or weigh in with fashion tips for the lugers, or take over for Bob Costas, who isn't fooling anyone with that "brown" hair?

Reasons we need much more JW:

* He loves Lady Gaga

* He cleans to relax

* He's rooming with his friend Tanith Belbin

* His Twitter background is perfect

* He's a class act ("Congratulations to the medalists. Thank you to the world for showing me love and I hope I didn't let you down. I am proud.")

* We totally agree with his stance on fur

* He speaks Russian with his coach

* He skates like a glittery, fabulous angel.

Thoughts on Johnny? Sundays? Ice cream flavors? Sparkpets? That's what the open thread is for!

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