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Happy Anniversary, Dan!

Happy Anniversary, Dan!

A year ago this week, Dan Bergstein (aka Lt. Lasermind) started writing for SparkNotes. In our hearts, we're throwing him a ticker tape parade and buying him a mountain of jetpacks, crossbows, pancakes, fireworks, and tiny mechanical horses. In our cash-strapped real lives, though, all we can do is say THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

Celebrate Dan's anniversary by reading 15 classic posts from his very first months at SparkNotes!

15. Lil' LOST

14. Anatomy of a 15-Minute Break

13. The Death of Textbooks

12. How to Handle Teachers in Public

11. Are You a Sucker? Take Our Quiz!

10. Sunday, Bloody Sunday

9. Win the Battle of the Graduation Parties

8. Yearbook FAQ

7. The Perfect Homework Environment

6. Is Going to the Movies Alone Sad, or Wonderful?

5. The Ten Types of Teen Drivers

4. Form Your Own Clique

3. Get Into the School Paper Before It's Too Late

2. Top 19 Yearbook Signatures

1. Amazing True Facts

If you haven't read all of Dan's posts, you're missing out on hours of belly laughs. Immediately go here and catch up.

Other important things to do: follow Dan on Twitter, friend him on Facebook, and join Miss Amanda Egan's amazing group.

Want to say thanks to Dan? That's what the comments are for!

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