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Fill-in-the-Blank Valentine for...Your Long-Distance Boo

Fill-in-the-Blank Valentine for...Your Long-Distance Boo

You're in a long-distance relationship, and even with Skype, it's really hard. Why not tell your sweetie you miss him/her with a cute, slightly paranoid valentine?

Dear _____________,

Hi, ____________! I ___________ you! I can’t believe it’s been _________ __________s since we’ve _____________ed each other. How are _____________s in ____________?

Are you ______________ing much? Have you seen ______________? Not that I’m ___________ of ____________. I just think it’s weird that _______________ is always ______________ing you. You don’t ___________, right? Okay, I’ll stop _____________ing. I know we’ve _______________ed about this before.

Things here are ________________. Just the ________________. But I ______________ you. When can I ________________ you again?

Missing you,


Leave your filled-out valentine in the comments!

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