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Pros and Cons of Coffee Shop Studying

Pros and Cons of Coffee Shop Studying

Getting ready to buckle down and study for midterms or wrap up some homework? You might be able to up your productivity by switching scenery from your bedroom desk to a cushy chair at your local coffee shop. Of course, the cappuccino-and-croissant-fueled homework setup isn’t for everyone.

Here are some pros and cons of studying in a coffee shop:


  • You have to at least look focused. You’re in public, and people will stare if you do that study ritual you developed where you rub your big toes with peanut butter for 13-and-a-half minutes before you hit the books.
  • Makes studying more fun. Going to the coffee shop gives you a reason to look forward to studying.
  • No internet access to distract you (well, at some coffee shops). You’ll have to do your work instead of, say, going into creepy chat rooms and pretending to be your big sis poking around SparkLife.
  • There are muffins!
  • Breaks are super fun. There’s a lot more to do—magazines, people-watching, checking out the cute gifty items—during your study breaks.


  • Distractions. All it takes is one awkward first date that you can’t stop eavesdropping on, and you won’t be able to focus on your work.
  • You have to ask someone to watch your stuff every time you pee. Or hold it in. Either way, awkwardness!
  • On a timer. It’s often hard to get an outlet at a coffee shop, so you can only last as long as your computer battery does. And if there’s anything that makes A Tale of Two Cities tougher to digest, it’s trying to rush it.
  • There are muffins. Your muffin consumption can hit the double digits pretty quickly and it’s a problem.
  • Soft rock. How many times can you listen to Matchbox 20 without wanting to push everyone around? An afternoon at a coffee shop normally answers that question.

Where do you like to study?

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