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What It's Like to Live In...Tanzania

What It's Like to Live In...Tanzania

We're so excited to hear about where you live! To answer your question, misssunshine1010, yes, of course you can write about your "tiny, midget sized town." No matter how boring your place of residence seems to you, it will be fascinating to your fellow Sparklers. And now on to an African dispatch from Sparkler Ipebble. —SparkNotes Editors

I live in Tanzania, East Africa, Africa, World. That’s usually the address I have to give internationally for people to understand what I’m saying when I tell them where I live. I usually have to cope with the misconception that I live in a mud hut and have affiliations with wild animals. While that would be the coolest thing ever, it is, sadly, untrue. Living here is like living in a really, really tiny city. The best parts about living in Tanzania, East Africa, Africa, World, are few and far between, but they’re awesome.

1. The Beach. The best place on earth, and in T., the beach never gets cold. I went in July (which is winter in Tanzania), and it was a nice, mild, 23 degrees Celsius (73.4 degrees Fahrenheit).

2. The Wildlife. Living here means I'm a five-hour drive away from wild animals. Like, not just wild rabbits and sheep—actual animals. Huge lions (which a certain relative of mine nearly fell out of the car looking at), giant elephants, hundreds of gazelle, and lots of other species. And maybe my definition of "wild animals" stretches occasionally to include insects, but they’re everywhere, okay?

3. The Heat. It’s always warm. I never need a jacket. I simply choose to wear one to make a statement. When it gets too hot, we get too bare. There’s a boat a half hour's drive away that takes you to a secluded island, where there’s seafood (I’m vegetarian, but it’s supposed to be good!) and sun, and an eel pool!

4. The Food. It’s not superamazing, but the stores here stock British AND American food. And get this: they stock Tanzanian food! It’s all organic, and there are no growth hormones. Which isn’t exactly a good thing for me, considering I’ve been stuck at 5’2" for the past three years—I’m a midget because of organic food. BUT, it tastes good, and is probably way cheaper than organic food in the States and Europe.

5. The Art. There’s a style of art down in Tanzania called tinga-tinga. It’s African wildlife in cool colors. I don’t mean cool in the artistic sense (blue, green, purple) I mean cool, like, random (hot pink elephant, anyone?).

6. The Photos. When I tell people I have a pet elephant and meet with skepticism, I just whip out a picture, and they believe me. (It's a picture of me on safari, but it works!)

7. The Wild Field Trips. I’ve been on safari, to a random village, to a slave bunker dating back to the days of the slave trade; I’ve been camping, cliff hiking (I fell off the cliff and had to wade for a while. There were jellyfish. I ended up running.), I’ve visited tea plantations, and I could keep going. Oh, and I’ve been to a beer factory. I don’t understand how this was appropriate in the second grade, but oh well.

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