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Cute Thing of the Week

Cute Thing of the Week

Errrrm, welcome to the intersection of Cute Thing and What The $%&#@?!? Thing of the Week. Uh, yeah, we were looking up photos of really cute owls, and then came across this.

Yes, this is an actual owl, not the yellow-eyed snow monster who lives under your bed. We think what makes this bubo scandiacus so adorably bizarro is the long feathers that cover its claws, so it looks like dude's wearing moon boots instead of these.

What kind of caption is befitting of this snowy owl? You decide in the comments!

Apparently, you guys like turtles. And why not? Last week's baby sea turtle was on a super-cute-but-also-extremely-bad-a$$ mission to save his/her life, and here are some of the captions that captured the attention of your editors:

"One small step for me, one giant step for turtle-kind." by home9310

"Why didn't mom drop me off at the the shore like I told her to?" by apples137

"My quest to meet Spongebob begins." by reigning Cute Thing Hall of Fame champ right_writer

"I can see clearly now, the egg is gone..." by blueznube

"It's times like this I wish I had a Segway" by pikori

"I knew I shoulda taken a left. I hate MapQuest." by fireflylunatic

"I'll make it to New York someday... Then all my dreams will come true!" by RainOnMe797

"When I bought the apartment they said it was close to the beach! Ugh!" by Lady_Sunshine3

"Why's everyone staring at me? I feel like... awkward turtle." by eroica424

And the newest member of the Cute Thing of the Week Hall of Fame is gypsy_princess!

Also: CATS! (Brought to you by Sparkler Amazedg)

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