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Acne: To Pop or Not to Pop?

Acne: To Pop or Not to Pop?

Everyone gets a zits now and then, even that girl who has perfectly smooth skin 99% of the time. But what do you do with that zit, the kind no amount of coverup will hide? Do you leave it be, hoping that it will sink down and disappear on its own? Or do you attack it with all of your finger-pinching might? In other words, to pop, or not to pop? That is the question.

Option #1: Pop that sucker!
Sure, it might be gross to admit this, but it's really, really satisfying when you get all that gunk out from underneath your skin. If you strike at the right moment, when the pimple has come to the surface and you have a whitehead, popping won't take much effort. (ED NOTE: please pop your whiteheads. There's really no reason not to, and you'll be doing the world a favor.) There are even guides that explain best popping practices that won't leave a scar. And did we mention that it's super satisfying?

Cons: Sometimes, a zit will put up a tough fight, refusing to let go of its hold on your skin. If you engage in the battle too early, when the zit is still snuggled deep down in your skin, you risk making the situation even worse. You could inflame the area and spread the zit-causing bacteria to other parts of your face. Worst of all, you might cause scarring. And, of course, there's no satisfying poppage. You're left with a lose-lose-lose situation.

Option #2: Leave it be
Applying a hot compress and keeping your skin clean and moisturized is a safe way to handle acne. This method doesn't make your skin dirtier, as popping does. And you will avoid the scarring that can result from trying to pop.

Cons: Resisting the urge to pop requires patience. After all, the goal is to get rid of your zits and a successful pop will sometimes make that happen...immediately! If you want to take the compress and moisturizer approach but find yourself consistently tempted to pop, try to distract yourself with some bubble wrap or practice meditation to harness your willpower.

Which tactic do you prefer? Do you give in to the pull of the pop? Or are you able to refrain from popping?

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