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My Rules of Texting

My Rules of Texting

The following post is by Taarryynn77, a Sparkler with fantabulous textiquette! —SparkNotes editors

Texting has taken the world by a storm. It's an invention that has made unnecessary, awkward telephone conversations disappear, given us a way to pass the time during Algebra, and allowed us to forward our friends a pic of the last jaw-dropping glance Edward gives Bella in New Moon.

I admit, I'm an avid texter, and without my unlimited plan I would be lost. But there have got to be some guidelines:

1. Keep it PG. We've all heard horror stories about Victoria sharing a little bit too much of her secret, if you know what I mean.

2. Relationships via text are not permitted. These are crushes that turn into daily nonstop texting obsessions. But rabid text communication can only hurt a budding relationship/fling. You feel like you're creating a bond while chaining yourself to your phone, but your in-person communication skills will suffer, and be

3. Be short and sweet. If a text message exceeds the number of characters you can actually send at a time, it basically defeats the purpose of texting. I guarantee dialing seven digits and hitting the call button is less time consuming.

4. Don't be a double sender. Double senders are always too anxious to receive a response, and if they don't get one in the time expected, they resend their messages. Newsflash: If someone is going to respond, they will. Calm down and check your Facebook for two minutes!

5. I do not <3 emoticons. Adding a smiley face or an ROFL every now and then is welcomed, but sending a text jam-packed with exclamation points, LOL's, and :)'s isn't necessary. You're elated. We get it!

6. Don't be a frequent forwarder. No, I will not forward this message I received from three people, despite the fact that it means I won't find my true love, will have bad luck for seven years, and be haunted by a weird ghost. I'm still waiting for all those threats to materialize from back when I still used my email. Just saying.

What are your texting rules?

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