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How to Give Your Room a Makeover

How to Give Your Room a Makeover

By the time you reach high school, you're probably ready to get rid of the animal mural your parents put up on your third birthday. Chances are, your curtains and lighting could use some "updating" too. But it's not always easy to convince your parents to let you redecorate your room—mainly because it can be expensive and messy. Does this mean you're stuck with what you've got? Heck no! All it takes is a little creativity and maybe a few bucks from your summer job stash, and you can give your room a complete makeover:

Those trains were really adorable when you were kid, but now they're just embarrassing. If you don't like your wallpaper or wall paint color (like blush pink or baby blue), all you need is a bunch of wrapping paper. Find a couple cool styles and while you're at the store, make sure to grab some poster putty, which is removable and won't leave marks on your walls. Use the putty to stick the paper to the walls of your room in 3-4 foot wide strips, alternating prints as you go. Or use a few solid colors to create a striped pattern. Voila, new walls!

Your parents likely designed your room so that everything would match. This means your less-than-cool curtains go with the less-than-cool theme of the room. Instead of begging for new ones, get creative. Go to the fabric store and get some fabric pieces that you like—if you're getting a couple different types, make sure they go together. Use safety pins to attach the fabric to your current, uncool curtains. Put the pins all around the perimeter of each square to secure the new fabric and give your curtains a cool d-i-y look.

If you're more ambitious, get several different kinds of buttons and sew them onto your curtains—and by "sew," we mean simply attach them with a thread and needle, nothing fancy. Of course, you probably want to run this by your parents, but you're more likely to get their permission if you say, "Hey, I was wondering if I could do something creative that won't be messy at all. I wanted to check first though, just to make sure it's OK." Parents love it when you check first.

Not diggin' your farm scene lamp? Instead of buying a new lamp, work with what you've got. Cover up a lamp base that's not your style. If you can, paint over any obvious figures (like that cow). If repainting isn't an option, see if you can discretely disguise the bottom with a loose fabric, like chiffon.

As for the shade, make one on your own by using some extra fabric from your new curtains. Then, follow these 6 easy steps, which basically tell you how to cut the fabric so that it fits your shade. Want something even easier? Find a bunch of cool stickers, and cover the shade in 'em—don't forget to leave several patches uncovered for the light to shine through. (Of course, again, you might want to check with your parents first.)

Is your room in need of a makeover? Or do you have any other redecorating tips to share?

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