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Musicians We're Thankful For

Musicians We're Thankful For

In spirit of the Thanksgiving season, we want to give our thanks to a special group of people who have done their best to make our lives better. Are we talking about parents? Not this time. Teachers? Nope. Friends? They're good and all, but no. We're talking about musicians—that often-neglected group that never seems to get the props they deserve (well, if you don't count the Grammys, the AMAs, the VMAs, the CMAs, the LAMAs, the WMAs,  the CMTMAs, the IMAs,  the NAMAs, the TMAs, the SDMAs, and maybe a few other MAs).

To show our appreciation, we've put together a list of artists who we feel have made undeniable, singular contributions to music, and to life in general, really. Had these innovators never existed, the world as we know it would be a lot less interesting. Without further ado, SparkNotes gives a warm Thanksgiving THANK YOU to:

- Chuck Berry, for creating the template for three chord, good times rock n’ roll. Without Chuck, there would be no Rolling Stones.

- Ray Charles, for putting some jump n’ jive into soul music and paving the way for modern R&B. Without Ray, there would be no Maxwell. (Well, maybe that wouldn't be so bad.)

- Bo Diddley, for being rock’s first true weirdo, with his reverb-drenched guitar playing and homemade instruments.

- Milli Vanilli, for beginning the long, storied tradition of lip-syncing embarrassments with “Girl You Know It's True.”

- Prince, for turning the word “you” into the letter “U." And for trying to do the same with "I" and "Eye."

- R. Kelly, for demonstrating that you don’t actually need melodies in R&B—you can just sing the words to a soap opera about closets, priests, and midgets and it can be crazy/brilliant.

- Aphex Twin, for pioneering the field of chill-out electronic music. Perfect music for convalescing after a turkey-induced stomach sickness.

- Village People, for proving that sometimes the wardrobe is more important than the music. (Lady Gaga totally gets this.)

- Little Richard, for introducing hellfire screaming to rock music.

- Public Enemy, for demonstrating you can be political without diluting the fun in hip-hop.

- Britney Spears, for setting the bar incredibly low for live performances, and for general public behavior as well.

- Elvis Presley, for being the first rocker parents loved to hate.

- Adam Lambert, for making American Idol exciting for the first time in years. Even though your album cover looks like Lisa Frank meets “The Final Countdown,” we love you, Adam.

- Janet Jackson, for proving that talent can run in the family.

- Ashlee Simpson, for proving that lack of talent can also run in the family.

Which musicians would you like to thank, and why? And what's on your post-dinner Thanksgiving veg out playlist?

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