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What Type of Board Game Player Are You?

What Type of Board Game Player Are You?

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and with it comes an evening or two of family board games. These games can reveal a lot about you and your family members. Are you motivated by winning? Do you just want everyone to have a good time? Do you need everyone to follow the rules, or do you just like to go with the flow?

We've broken down the various player types:

The Megaphone
The Megaphone's vocal volume tends to match the intensity of the game. When his team is losing and desperately needs a good roll or a correct answer, he SCREAMS OUT LOUD! A LOT! Deluded by his own enthusiasm, the Megaphone is completely unaware that he's blowing out his teammates' eardrums.

The Rule-Monger
As soon as someone mentions the possibility of playing a board game—even if it's in the middle of the pumpkin pie course—the Rule-Monger races to the closet, grabs a game, and starts reciting the rules aloud. And just when the game is starting to heat up and the blue team is closing in on the red team, the Rule-Monger refers to page 12 of the instructions and points out that the blue team should actually lose a turn because not all of its members were seated during the last round. BOOOO!

The Just Player
The Just Player is not that invested in the game. She "just" wants to participate and enjoy some quality family time together. This player could be your mom, dad, or grandma. And while the Just Player may not know any of the answers (or pay much attention to the actual game), she will offer generous support and make frequent and prolonged trips to the kitchen "just" to refill everyone's apple cider.

The Black Cloud
Every family has that one person who needs to be dragged into the fun—sort of the joyless yen to the Just Player's Yang. The Black Cloud is often a sibling, but we've heard that moms and pops can fall into this category as well. This person will moan about whatever game is picked, spend most of the actual game time checking text messages and making sarcastic comments, and take the inevitable defeat (which he did nothing to prevent) as proof that all games are stupid and unfair.

The Game Killer
The Game Killer's only goal is to win, win, WIN! She will stop at nothing to achieve victory. If she's behind on the board, she won't hesitate to get physical—even if you're playing Totally 80s Trivial Pursuit. She'll make everyone so miserable that they end up forfeiting in the name of sanity...and The Game Killer will rule forever, mwahahahaha!

The Turtle

There's always someone who doesn't understand that the little hourglass is counting down his turn! The Turtle hems and haws while deliberating on an answer or deciding on a move. All the while, those precious little granules slip through the hands of time and his team's chance at victory dis..ap...pears...

The Team Spirit
Even when it's clear that her team is going to come in dead last (behind even the grandma-anchored green team), the Team Spirit won't let it bring her down. After all, board games are meant to be fun! And the Team Spirit will do anything and everything to keep the team vibe positive and jubilant—even if that means dancing with everyone's favorite sandwich fillings.

What's your favorite board game? And what type of player do you become once the games begin?

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