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Awesome Thing of the Week

Awesome Thing of the Week

Thought you got over DisneyWorld or DisneyLand when you turned ten? So did we, Sparklers, so did we...

...But then we saw the video after the jump, and we were re-charmed by the magic of Disney. Check out the technique called tilt-shift, which makes people look like little clay figurines in a diorama—we'd seen photos done with tilt-shift photography, but never a video. Our tip for taking this in is to watch the whole thing. The best parts are in random spots. Once you're done, rate the tilt-shift video on our -10 to 10 Scale of Awesomeness.

We were totally inspired, and wonder what you'd shoot a tilt-shift video of if you had the chance?

Last week we had an Xtreme Awesome Thing session, and asked you rate five Awesome Things instead of one.

Your highest rating was an 8.88 and went to The Zoom Quilt II, which was sent to us by the_fat_mango. The Zoom Quilt placed 6th on the Scale of Awesomeness. Check the scale to find out where the other entries ended up!

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