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What Do You Think of Video SparkNotes?

What Do You Think of Video SparkNotes?

Hey Sparklers,

On Wednesday, we officially launched our first-ever Video SparkNote, on our site and on our YouTube channel. It's for George Orwell's 1984.

As of today, it's the only Video SparkNote that exists in the world, and the Video SparkNote isn't the type of animal that self-propagates, like a worm or my mom because she wished hard enough. To multiply, Video SparkNotes needs your love.

So we ask you: Do you love our Video SparkNote? Hate it? Want to marry it, even if it refuses to put the toilet seat down AFTER YOU ASKED NICELY 743 TIMES ALREADY?!


But seriously, we're totally excited to hear your reaction to the new SparkNote invention, even if it's negative. What specifically do you like or dislike about it? What would you change if you were King or Queen of SparkNotes?

Thanks for your help! We look forward to your feedback. :)

—Your SparkNotes editors

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