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How to Deal with Stress

How to Deal with Stress

Sparkler abby0912 knows that some stress is unavoidable, but she also knows how to cope. —SparkNotes editors

Us teens have to juggle homework, clubs, sports, friends, and relationships. Obviously, this creates a lot of stress.

The first way to tackle stress is stop stressing about stress. That just creates more worry. The second thing to remember is that there's nothing we can do about a lot of the things we worry about, so we shouldn't worry about them! But with all of the drama in our lives, we really, truly can't completely stop stressing and pulling our hair out.

We've been told a million times that to reduce stress, we should:
1. Focus on organization
2. Focus on time management
3. Listen in class (take notes)
4. Study thoroughly

But who does those? My list of better stress-reducing remedies include:

1. Leave things to the last minute
Although this sounds weird, it does improve motivation. You just have to be willing to accept early whitening in your remaining tufts of hair.

2. Buy some delicious snacks and forcing yourself to finish your work before you can take a bite

This increases motivation, obesity, and gets you so anxious for food that you forget to stress.

3. Create a "test" with questions you think will be on the real test, finish it, then stab it and rip it up. Cackle and scream.

Okay, so maybe you don't have to rip it or shout. But it really helps reduce test anxiety. If you're going to be thorough, you should try cackling like Cruella Deville. It's really fun. Warning: Do not try this in the classroom.

4. Buy wigs (get fake fingernails too, if you need 'em)

Now you can still tear your hair out, but without your mirror laughing at you. And the rest of the world. Same with the fingernails.

5. Listen to music

My sister does this, and during a test she just has to recall the song to recall the answer! When she did this to Spiderwebs by No Doubt she got every vocab word right except the one she wrote when the song had ended!

6. Punch a pillow

Falling feathers are a nice touch.

7. Squeeze a de-stress ball

I have one that's shaped like the earth so I can take my stress out on the whole world.

8. Stab a voodoo doll

Preferably angels. Those snobby angelic know-it-all-always-get-100-on-their-tests-students. Stab, stab, stab! ...Ehem.

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