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5 Good Reasons to Listen to Classical Music

5 Good Reasons to Listen to Classical Music

Unless you play in your school’s orchestra or listen to public radio, chances are you think of classical music as the quiet, tasteful background noise heard in movies, upscale department stores, and scenes in movies that take place in upscale department stores.

It can be hard to jump into classical music if you weren’t raised on it. But all you need to get started is an internet connection and these five great reasons to get obsessed with Bach and Beethoven.

1. It'll make you appear suave and sophisticated

Twilight fans swoon over Edward not just because he’s centuries old, supernatural, and shiny—they're also entranced by his taste in music, which runs toward Claude Debussy’s “Claire de Lune.” There’s something about loving classical music that says, “I’m an intelligent, emotional individual”—even if you also happen to be a vampire. Would Edward have seemed nearly as romantic if he listened to the “Funky Chicken” in the car?

2. It'll reduce stress

A lot of people listen to classical music to relax, which is fine, because there’s plenty of relaxing classical music out there. There’s just something in a work by John Adams or Josquin Desprez that puts you at ease better than, say, a tune by Blood Brothers.

3. It'll enhance stress

Of course, not all of classical music is tranquil, and when it gets disturbing it tends to get really, really disturbing. In the freaking people out department, nobody really beats Krzysztof Penderecki.

4. It'll impress your friends!

Lots of bands use tricks and techniques borrowed from classical composers. A classical music buff can easily win status among rock music nerds by saying things like, “Radiohead makes an interesting use of the Penderecki Crescendo at the end of this track.”*

* = “Climbing Up the Walls” (It’s true!)

5. This video will seem even funnier

Pay close attention to the facial expressions.

Sparklers, do you love classical music or is it like a strange and slightly annoying white noise to you? For our classical fans, what are your favorite pieces?

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