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VMA FAIL: Kanye Wins Moon Man for Worst Sport

VMA FAIL: Kanye Wins Moon Man for Worst Sport

Wow. We assumed when Kanye West proclaimed he was "already in the history books," he meant he's in there for douchiness, but apparently he'll go down in history as world's worst awards guest. If you were watching the VMA's last night, you saw the big-headed doodoo ball singer storm the stage and turn award-winner Taylor Swift into a deer in the headlights of his giant ego truck with an outburst so rude and unbelievable, Lady Gaga had to douse herself in blood, Carrie-style, to top it. Sure, Kanye is 100% right: there's no way Taylor Swift deserved to beat out Beyoncé, who truly did make one of the best videos in the history of all things. But as your mother's always telling you, there's a time and a place. Running on stage and grabbing the mic away from little Taylor was just, well, gross. We agree with Katy Perry's tweet about the kerfuffle—it was like he'd stepped on a kitten.

In fact, Kanye's stunt was worse than all of the following terrible behaviors:

  • Drop-kicking the Cute Thing of the Week.
  • Stealing candy from a baby.
  • Making fun of the kid from Jerry Maguire for his lisp.
  • Criticizing your mom.
  • Putting a Whoopee cushion under your grandmother at Thanksgiving.
  • Telling a kid that Santa Claus isn't real.
  • Creating a doll that comes with a stripper pole.
  • Making stuffed cats out of rabbit fur.
  • Hiring Carrot Top as the entertainment at a kid's birthday party.
  • Standing up a prom date.
  • Cursing in front of a cute old man.
  • Not recycling.
  • Dressing a dog in rainboots.

Say it with us now: "Awwwww. How could you?!?!"

What did you think of Kanye's outburst? Does the fact that he's right make it okay? Or was it inexcusable?

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