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Playlist: Guilty Pleasures Vol. 1

Playlist: Guilty Pleasures Vol. 1

Don't you hate people with "hipper than thou" syndrome? Folks suffering from this disease are (literally) too cool for school. They regard as the only reputable music resource, claim Grizzly Bear is "so 2008," and wouldn't be caught dead grooving out to Lady Gaga on the MTV VMAs.

Perhaps you have an older brother or sister or even classmate with this particular affliction. Perhaps you have a touch of the "hipper than thou"s yourself. And if you do, not only will your friends roll their eyes at you, but you'll miss out on good stuff once in a while. Good stuff meaning cheesy, easy, breezy—and altogether life-affirming. Sometimes, the less hip, the more fun for everyone. You (yes, you, Pitchfork reader) included.

Here are a few classic guilty pleasures that belong on even the coolest iPods. (You can disguise their titles if you must—just store them in an "instant party" playlist!)

"Pour Some Sugar On Me"
Def Leppard

Wrong in every sense of the word, embarrassing to listen to with your parents in earshot, hopelessly dated, musically sophomoric—and completely awesome.

"Here I Go Again On My Own"

Belongs right next to Def Leppard in your playlist—they work together beautifully as complementary bloated 80s lite-metal gems. Not surprising that this one provided the soundtrack for a key moment in Adventureland. (Dig the cheesed out video! Ah, the 80s.)

Duran Duran

Especially potent when you're nowhere near a beach, or yacht, of any kind. In fact, it's ironic to listen to this one in the fall and winter in the Midwest, for example. And irony is hip! Everybody wins.

Hall & Oates

See "Pour Some Sugar On Me" above. This one is not only inappropriate; it's vaguely sinister. Double bonus! Substitute any other Hall & Oates here for the same effect.

"Sister Christian"
Knight Ranger

The holy grail of guilty pleasure songs (that aren't by Journey). This Knight Ranger classic makes absolutely no sense—and that's only part of it's genius. When the guitars kick on for each chorus, try not to sing along. Try, and fail.

What songs make the top of your guilty pleasures playlist on your iPod?

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