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From One Clique to Another

From One Clique to Another

So we finally got around to watching the pilot episode of the new TV phenomeon, Glee. (Yeah, we totally realize that it's been available online since, like, last May. We were busy getting a tan.) But now that we've experienced the glory of a high-school dramedy backed by a cappella harmonies, we're super pumped for the series premiere. We're especially curious to see what happens with Finn, the football-jock who took a huge risk in the pilot by joining the glee club, thus committing one of the most dangerous high school social moves: Crossing Cliques.

Crossing cliques is a really tough thing to do. Usually, only people lucky enough to have the "floater" gene are able to move from clique to clique without inciting the wrath and hatred of one of the two groups. I speak from experience.Up until senior year, I was a member of the Innocent Overachievers (Saturday nights=popcorn and board games). So when I showed up at a house party held by one of the snowboarder/Deadheads, I was socially crucified. For 3 hours, people whispered my name, dropped their jaws, and glanced awkwardly in my direction, shocked at my presence. Needless to say, I did not attend another snowboarder/Deadhead party.

So the burning question remains unanswered: How can one successfully jump cliques? Is is possible to join the chess club if you're a member of the swim team? What about taking AP English if you're a Mathlete? And most importantly, how do you get to be that cool kid who is accepted by any social group?

If you've crossed cliques, we want to know how you did it. Finn wants to know too.

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