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Awesome Thing of the Week

Awesome Thing of the Week

Sparklers, we're particularly pumped to introduce this week's Awesome Thing.

We wish we could make fireworks pop out of your screen, but we're still working on that app. In fact, this week's Awesome Thing is just a little link.

That's right, a littttle...tiny... ****~*~*~*~*OMG~LINK!*~*~*~*~****

But seriously, Sparklers, how can you not think that panda pup is awesome (and, OK, a little creepy). Rate these doodle poodles on our -10 to 10 Scale of Awesomeness!

The beard dude video from last week got a 7.22 on the -10 to 10 Scale, ranking it in the top half!

In the comments last week, Sparkler Calisun541 asked if we get our Awesome Thing videos from the Best of Youtube podcast, and the answer is nope! In fact, turns out there's tons of Best of Youtube podcasts, and we'd love to know which one you subscribe to, Calisun541! We get our Awesome Things from scouring a bunch of websites, like, which featured the beard video last week. We also get our ideas from Sparklers who email, and from our web-addicted friends and siblings. We love getting submissions from Sparklers, so if you spot something awesome, send it our way. We're happy to give you cred, OR leave you anonymous!

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