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Pen vs. Pencil: It's More Important Than You Think

Pen vs. Pencil: It's More Important Than You Think

Here's a scenario: It's the first period of the day, and you're finally waking up. You're pretty sure you had a nightmare last night, but all you can remember is that it involved a giant rabbit and a big wheel bike. Your mind is still sort of foggy as you dig around in your backpack for a writing utensil. But what do you choose? A pen or a pencil? The decision may seem trivial but can prove crucial in many unexpected ways. For example, what if you want to amend certain details after you've written them down (like the part where you woke up crying for your mom)? Or what if you want to accompany your dream story with a deftly rendered work of art? Or what if you want to transcribe your dream on your thigh rather than on paper, as a sort of living testament to your subconscious? Which writing instrument is the better choice?

In fact, there are a number of scenarios where the choice between a pen and a pencil can mean the difference between success and failure, life and death (metaphorically). To help you make this difficult decision (which will be even harder because you're obsessed with figuring out why the giant rabbit wanted your favorite pair of Chuck Taylors) we've come up with a list of important factors to consider:

The Chew Factor
During an exam, chewing on your pencil will give you magical thinking powers.
On the other hand, if you chew on a pen, you're likely to end up looking like a Rorschach test.
But, if you're chewing on an old-timey pencil, it might contain lead. If you take enough tests, you might die.
Pens won't kill you.

The Write Stuff
If you always write in red pen, then your parents won't notice the teacher's red marks on your last English exam.
Pencils only come in grey, which will be of no help in disguising your test results.

You can erase pencil.
You can only scribble over pen, which makes your mistake alteration somewhat noticeable.

Stress Relief
A pencil can be broken into many, tiny, little pencils, sort of like the pencils you would use if you were keeping score in mini-golf.
Breaking your pen does not lead to many, tiny, little pens. (See: Rorschach Test)

Sharpened pencils can be used as weapons against your most savage enemies.
But the pen is mightier than the sword.

You can stash your pencil behind your ear, thus transforming yourself into an intellectual type, like a poet. Or like your dad, when he can't find his pencil.
Pens require pocket protectors. Pocket protectors = nerd.

Artistic Merit
When you doodle in pencil you can call it a "sketch" because you use shading techniques and smudging.
Pen doodles just look like doodles.

Sound Quality
Pencil erasers add a bass sound to your table drumming.
But pens come in different styles, shapes, and sizes, all of which create different tones and audio variety.

You can write your homework on your hand or arm with a pen.
If you try to write your homework on your hand or arm with a pencil, you will not know what your homework is.

So which do you prefer? Pen or pencil, cast your vote in the comments.

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