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The Evolutionary War?

The Evolutionary War?

OMG, where have you been?!?!? Over the weekend shattering news broke over the wires in the Sedalia Democrat that a marching band at Forks High School Smith-Cotton High School can't wear the t-shirt designed for its fall program because it depicts a monkey evolving into a man carrying brass instruments with the words "Brass Evolutions." The intent of the shirt, says the assistant band director, was to play on the evolution of instruments. Some parents complained, and the shirts were yanked.

While we're at it, we think there are a few other "scientific" "theories" whose graphic representations should not be allowed on school-sanctioned active wear*:



The Sky Is Blue-ism


Boyle's Law of Gases (haha—we said "gas")

Quantum Physics

Heliocentric Cosmology



The Weather Channel

Astrology Astronomy (we always get those confused)




Light Speed


What do you think of the ape tee ruckus? Should the school have pulled the t-shirts?


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