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Teacher By Day, _______ By Night

Teacher By Day, _______ By Night

You're fresh off three months of freedom, trapped within the confines of four walls under fluorescent lights and listening to enduring your new teacher's lesson on the Enlightenment when it occurs to you—you've seen her somewhere before... Ever get the feeling your teachers might be leading double lives? What do they do when the final bell rings? We have a few ideas:

Super Hero

Superman had nerdy journalist Clark Kent. Batman had billionaire industrialist Bruce Wayne. Why couldn't Grammar Man, avenger of  dangling participles, have Mr. Klostermeyer? He did save that kid from being rolled down the hall in a trash can last week.

Super Villain

Now this sounds a little more believable. Mr. Taylor enjoys imposing torture by way of pop quizzes, has a horrible sense of humor based mostly on puns, and has less than perfect hygiene. Coincidence? We think not.


There must be a reason your photography teacher chooses to spend his days in a dark room with smelly chemicals and high school students. You've never seen him eat in the cafeteria, and didn't you notice his skin had a weird glimmer at Field Day?


Now that you think about it, Miss Fripp likes sending students to the principal's office a little too much...

Mall Cop

Paul Blart's got nuthin' on Mrs. Compton. She can bust a cheater in the last row with her back turned. She has perfected the phrase "Move along now" as self-appointed hall monitor. You've seen her down three donuts in one sitting. And there's the mustache.

16-Year-Old Pop Star

Ok, we know there's no way your Chem teacher is Hannah Montana, but wouldn't it be cool if she was?

What secret lives do you suspect your teachers lead?

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