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The World's Hippest Notebook

The World's Hippest Notebook

With everyone writing on laptops, netbooks, and even cellphones, you would think paper notebooks would be whimpering in the corner, scared of becoming obsolete. But surprisingly, over the past few years, one brand of notebook has remained not only popular, but hip. The Moleskine Company uses high quality materials to craft simple, yet sophisticated notebooks that make everything you write in them seem ten times more important.

They feel and look very professional, and come with tiny pockets for stashing notes, an attached cloth bookmark, and a sturdy elastic band to keep everything nice and cozy. It's one heck of a nifty notebook. Plus, Moleskine boasts that these are the same notebooks used by Picasso and Hemingway (an advertising claim that the company admits is more legend than fact).

The handy notebook has won its share of fans, and blogs have cropped up where people can gush about their Moleskine journals as well as show off interesting ways one can modify them. (Our favorite is the makeshift pen holder). The company also invites artists to submit artwork created in the journals and posts pictures on its website.

But even if you don't use a fancy Moleskine notebook, you should always carry around some type of paper notebook to jot down notes, ideas, or amazing sketches that you will later turn into breathtaking artwork accompanying Twilight blogs. In fact, good old-fashioned notebooks and pens are better than fancy laptops and gadgets. Don't believe us? Here are a few scientific reasons we're right:

Paper is faster. By the time you boot up a laptop and open your word processing program, the brilliant idea you had (pancake casserole) will be long gone.

Paper is easier for flirting. If you want to give that cute guy your phone number, and all you have is a laptop, the only thing you can do is carefully write the number on the Shift key (since most keyboards give you a spare), pry the button off, and offer it to the guy. And then he will think you're some sort of strange weirdo who tortures computers.

Pens are mythic. Writer/director Quentin Tarantino told writer/director Eli Roth to put away the computer and write in longhand because "The pen is your antenna to God." Put another way, laptops are satanic.

You can pee at coffee shops. If you use a laptop at the coffee shop, you can forget about going to the bathroom, because to do so would require you to pack up your computer and lug it with you, or else someone would steal it (or "do things" to it). With a notebook, you can just toss it in your purse or man-purse and then go answer nature's call.

Paper is fun. Have you ever tried to make a laptop-airplane? Don't.

When you die, you children will cherish your paper journals. If you keep all your thoughts and ideas on a laptop, chances are you'll forget the password needed to access them, or a virus will eat them, or you'll accidentally delete them. Keep your thoughts on paper, and your grandkids will have something to cherish…and sell to a futuristic society where paper is the new oil.

Laptops can be hacked.
If you want to keep your recipe for pancake casserole a secret from hackers and the government, don't type it on your computer. Everyone knows that the FBI monitors every word you type. Use a paper notebook for your top-secret thoughts. Then hide the notebook in the third drawer of your desk, under the dictionary and broken Gameboy.

Paper is not as distracting as a computer. Did you know that the reason you're not a bestselling author yet is you always get distracted by emails and Facebook? It's true.

Paper is easier to throw out.
If you spot a celebrity or band, like Nickelback, your first instinct is to run up and ask for an autograph. If all you use is a laptop, Nickelback will have no choice but to sign your computer. Then, when you get home and remember that Nickelback is horrible, you won't be able to throw out your laptop because that will only add to your parents' argument that you're still not mature enough for your own car. Paper wins once again.

Abraham Lincoln.
He never used a computer and he ended slavery.

We still need and depend on computers. But we're also glad that the world of pens and notebooks is still going strong. Which do you prefer?

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