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Get Back Into School Mode

Get Back Into School Mode

It’s coming, Sparklers. Next month, school will be back in session for most of you. The rest of you have already started! Will you be ready? In case you’re worried about not being able to snap out of the summer vacation mindset, here are some simple ways to transition back into school mode:

1. Pop quiz yourself

To prepare for one of school’s rudest wakeup calls, make your own pop quizzes at home with the help of your family. Have your parents quiz you at dinner with spelling tests pertaining to the side dishes. Asparagus. A-S-P-A-R-A-G-U-S. Asparagus. Have your best friend test you on the plot points of the latest "Mad Men" episode. Compare Don Draper to Don Quixote for bonus marks. Your mind will be razor-sharp by the time school rolls around.

2. Do a book report on something you read

OK, we know that not everyone spends her summer vacation reading. If you aren’t a big reader, take a look at the funny pages in the paper and do a book report on Garfield’s latest adventures. There is so much great subtext in his relationship with Odie. David and Goliath have nothing on a lasagna-loving cat and a dumb dog. Or better yet, read the SparkLife blog and report on your findings. Be sure to use footnotes.

3. Get involved in some extracurricular house activities

School is just as much about what’s happening outside of class as it is about class, so get yourself prepared for a hectic work and extracurricular work load. Act out your favorite scenes from Dirty Dancing and you’ve got yourself a drama club. Sing along to some Beyonce tracks and you’re at choir practice. Practice hurdling the dog house for an instant track meet. Rover can hand out the ribbons and you’re sure to come in first!

4. Simulate your own cafeteria

You’ve been spoiled by parents’ home cooking long enough. It’s time to remind yourself what you’ll be eating for lunch during the school year. Make sure to mold a new Jell-O every night and eat a bowlful each day. Go to the grocery store and tell the butcher to surprise you so you can remember the joys of mystery meat, and make sure to put gravy on every other food item you eat. Throw on a hairnet and serve the rest of the family dinner on plastic trays.

5. Set your own school-like schedule

Rare is the person who wakes up at 7 am during summer vacation, but for the next two weeks, you might want to synch your alarm clock to your school schedule. Wake up, run out of the door, and plan your activities so they happen in one-hour increments. Bring a large bell and ring it at the end of each hour to add some authenticity. Or have your little brother follow you around, blow a whistle, and yell “get to class” once in a while.

Sparklers, what are you doing to get ready for back-to-school?

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