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What Did You Do on Your Summer Vacation?

What Did You Do on Your Summer Vacation?

"What did you do on your summer vacation?" Three teachers and 20 sort-of friends inevitably ask this question at the beginning of every school year. Earlier this month, we gave you some great answers to it. But if you still don't have your story straight, and you didn’t spend the summer studying turtles in the Galapagos Islands or modeling in Paris, here are some ways to make what you did do sound more exciting:

  • If you spent your summer watching television and yelling at the TV during Deal or No Deal, sounds to us like you are consulting for a major television broadcaster. As their automated television system would tell you, they appreciate your feedback. And if you talked to your friends about how you think the new Harry Potter movie should look? Congratulations, you moved into the high-powered world of film development. Get off the phone, Tarantino might be calling.
  • If you spent your summer at the mall, it seems fair to say that you were fashion designing, don’t you think? Not to mention personal styling. And if you spent any time eating in the food court and complaining about the soggy fries, looks like you were doing some local restaurant reviewing. Good for you, you’ve been busy!
  • If you spent the summer working at a fast food joint, don't let it get you down. You were actually helping a Fortune 500 company shape its product line. The fact that you were literally shaping beef into a patty is beside the point. Doesn’t your English teacher always tell you to use your imagination?
  • If you spent your summer babysitting, you were actually studying early childhood development. You are the Jane Goodall of babies. Humanity will thank you for the wise insight you’ve gathered on all things infant-related. Think of that next time you change a diaper. It might immortalize you.
  • If you spent the summer hanging out at the pool, you were doing so much more. Not only did you work on a killer tan, you achieved some great feats. Did you ever find a dead fly in the filter? Looks like someone was studying marine biology! How very impressive. If you struck a few poses sauntering around the deck, well, it looks like you were doing a bit of modeling. Take that, Parisian exchange student.

Sparklers, how will you tell people you spent your summer vacation?

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