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Summer Things We Won't Miss

Summer Things We Won't Miss

Summer’s sweaty freedom may be coming to a close, but we take solace in thinking about all the summery things we’ll be happy to leave behind. The beach, for instance, all too often involves creepy middle-aged people staring at you in your swimsuit.  Sunglasses look cool, but then there are all the people who insist on wearing them inside restaurants and stores. And lemonade is refreshing but it… can be too lemony. Okay, there's nothing bad about lemonade. But here are some other things about summer we won’t mind kissing goodbye:

  • The stripey tan you got because you didn't spend an hour meticulously applying sunblock
  • Summer retail jobs, and being yelled at because the iced mocha latte you were just asked to make cost four dollars
  • Showering five times a day
  • Ice cream dripping down your hand
  • Being drenched in sweat for the day before you even leave the house
  • Your flesh getting seared every time you touch things like metal railings or the sidewalk
  • Feeling like you're going to pass out every time you exercise
  • Wearing the same thing (as little as possible every day). We want to bust out our scarves and cute sweaters!
  • Suffocating from the heat when you get in a parked car
  • Squinting in every outdoor photograph
  • Basing all your plans on which friends/destinations have air-conditioning
  • Feeling guilt and pity for your shaggy, panting dog
  • Having to sleep under a sheet instead of your favorite comforter
  • Leather car interiors being wildly painful instead of classy
  • Frizzy hair
  • Radio stations' constant “summer jamz”
  • Suntan lotion stinging your eyes.

What other summer things will you enjoy saying goodbye to? What parts of fall are you looking forward to? And is there anything about summer that you actively despise?

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