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Betty & Veronica: How Should it End?

Betty & Veronica: How Should it End?

We didn't know Veronica and Archie were getting married!! What about poor, poor Betty?! Luckily, Sparkler Smokey778 has been keeping tabs on the famous love triangle, and wrote this fantastic post! Enjoy! —SparkNotes Editors

Well, that’s it. After nearly 70 years of girl chasing, Archie Andrews has picked the rich, raven-haired beauty Veronica Lodge over the friendly, down-to-earth Betty Cooper.

Although the news itself is exciting, the actual plot of the comic book will probably be fairly predictable: Archie proposes to Veronica, everyone acts shocked, several trifling problems arise, Veronica and Archie are both late to the wedding but arrive just in time, Betty is heartbroken for about two pages until she meets a handsome stranger who proposes to her on the spot, Archie and Veronica get married, and everyone lives happily ever after.

The problem with all this is that there’s little dramatic tension. After all the times Archie has accidentally booked a date with both girls on the same night, I expect the writers to at least try to do the same for the wedding story arc. So, in hopes that the writers are still taking suggestions, I have compiled a list of ways they could make the ending a bit snappier or more controversial:

Twist Ending
Archie marries Veronica and a big celebration ensues. Nine months later, Veronica gives birth to two beautiful blond baby boys. Archie looks at them lovingly and comments, "That’s funny, no one in my family is blonde." Veronica doesn’t reply to him; rather, she turns to the panel and makes a comical "oops" face just before the story ends.

Happy Ending

Archie and Veronica marry, but when they settle down, they're surprised to find they miss the wacky love triangle that entertained them in their youth. One day Archie invites Betty into the marriage. Soon all three are living together, and the comics continue as they did when Archie was in high school. As a bonus, the polygamy storyline would allow the writers to throw in another wife if the love triangle got stale. If a love triangle is funny, imagine the hilarity that ensues from a love square!

Britney Spears Ending

Archie and Veronica throw a lavish wedding in Vegas only to announce 55 hours later that it was a joke.

Realistic Ending

Archie and Veronica are about to get married when Veronica suddenly realizes that, as a young attractive rich girl, she could do much better, and calls the wedding off. Archie is upset, and does what he always does: goes to Betty with the intention of marrying her and not losing the deposit on his tux. Betty, however, has grown weary of Archie playing with her heart like a yo-yo and refuses his proposal. Archie crawls back to his parent’s house and spends the next 32 years watching TV in their basement.

Matrix Ending

Archie is in the middle of the wedding when Chuck suddenly comes up to him wearing sunglasses and a long leather trench coat. Extending his hand, Chuck offers Archie two pills, a red one and a blue one. "Take the blue pill and the story ends," he tells Archie. "Take the red pill—you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes." Archie, mixing up which pill is which, accidently takes the red pill and is swept away from the wedding to find himself in a giant computer where he wakes up in a tub of goo. He spends the rest of his days fighting aliens and robots with Jughead.

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