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Introducing "Band of the Week"

Introducing "Band of the Week"

Most of you Sparkler music aficionados are already scary good at hunting for new bands on the internet. Half the time we post news items or playlists featuring well-known artists, you respond by suggesting 15 other lesser-known acts we should be checking out. Sometimes we write entire posts based on your in-the-know comments. Sometimes we take the credit, too! (But not all the time.)

Starting this week, we’re starting a new video feature that showcases an unsigned band we found on the web. (Yes, we’ll be asking for your ideas on this one also.) The web is chock-full of video networking sites for DIY musicians, and we’ll comb them all as we continue to present young, emerging artists to you on SparkLife.

No doubt we’ll be delving into every imaginable genre—screamo, emo, scream-emo, Finding Nemo emo (a personal favorite), indie-rock, shoegaze, metal, rap, electronica, and so forth—as the weeks roll on. For our first video, however, which we found on good ‘ole YouTube (the site that’s busy annoyingly muting every homemade video with a major-label-owned song playing in the background), we’re highlighting a Miami-based band with a tuneful, organic pop sound: Soul do Mato.

Basically we couldn’t stop playing this band’s entire song catalog on YouTube. The one we picked was the first track that caught our ears: "Walk All Day." We like how Soul do Mato’s videos are just 2 or 3 guys in a room playing live. The group’s entire YouTube channel and official website (which offers a unique low-cost subscription program to their fans in exchange for access to full-length songs) are worth exploring.

Like them? Love them? Hate them? Have a new band you'd like us to feature? Tell us!

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