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Sparkler Family Stories!

Sparkler Family Stories!

Sparklers, your responses to our invitation to share your culture were, to put it mildly, awesome.

You told us about holidays, growing up all over the world, traditional food, clothing, and dances, what it’s like to celebrate the 4th of July in England, and how to spell SparkNotes in Korean, among a million other things.

It’s enough information, in fact, that we’ll probably have a couple of follow-ups to go through everything. (After we’re done, we’ll all get together and sing the “Nations of the World” song, so practice up.) For now, let's revel in some of your most fascinating stories about traveling, languages, cultures, and much, much more:

On Languages…


Korea is an AWESOME country. Our language is called Hangul. I’ll give you a few examples!!!!

Sparknotes=스파크노트 Share your culture=당신의 문화를 나누세요!


At my house we (the kids) speak english, my dad speaks russian/ukrainian and my mom speaks russian/german! It’s really funny and interesting when people come over they look at us weird when we start talking to each other in multiple languages at once! =)


i’m french/english/ethiopia/arabic and speak all four of thoes languages thanks to my father. i usually switch langauges depending on what part of the family i’m speaking to.

On Moving…


I was born in the great state of North Carolina, but as a toddler my family moved to Singapore (Tiny Country beneath Malaysia) where we lived for quite a few years. Recently we moved to England. Basically, as a third culture kid I feel I have to cover all my cultures.


I’m African American, but my family might as well be from everywhere because we move a lot. We have such a mix of culture in our family because everywhere we move, we pick up a little bit of the culture.

On Culture Clashes…


One side of my family is from the South - English, Irish, Welsh, Scotch, Dutch, and Cherokee. The other side is German Jewish, but none of them practice Judaism. We’re redneck Jews. It’s hard to explain…holidays are strange. The Southern side of my family follows all the typical American holidays…I’m one of the only ones who follows the Jewish ones, so I’m outnumbered. Fortunately, my family takes it rather well and doesn’t give me a hard time.


im irish-african american

when we go over to visit the irish half everyone between ages 21-36 is drunk, dancing, guys have no shirts on and singing old irish tunes. Last time my cuz woke up with a bruise on his side and doesn’t even remember how it got there.

On my african american side everyone is eating soul food talking bout the old times and having the younger kids entertain them. Like me they make me play the violin for them even thought they know I hate it and they also make me say stuff in french because I’m studying it.

On My Big Fat ____________ Wedding…


One word:
My life is “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”


i guess im sort of living the “my big fat arab wedding” or something because that’s what i am. im mostly iraqi, but i am also part lebanese, turkish, and kazakhstani, which means i am all in all a middle easterner. it was hilariou watching “my big fat greek wedding”, because i could relate to it so much! the large (and numerous) family gatherings, the over-abundance of food, and (somewhat) the need to be curvier rather than thin.

On Did I Ever Tell You The Story…


I traced my background to revolutionary Russia, and my ancestor took a great part in the Revolution , he was one of the people who did not want to kill the Tzar, but did not want him to rule either….


I’m half Dutch and half Australian (i think my mums family originally came over with the convicts (or as a convict), so originally British or Irish I suppose.


I’m English, Welsh, German, and probably Irish. It’s not that interesting, except that I’m related to the Brothers Grimm.


so i’m assyrian. i’m usually asked this question “what is an assyrian?” you know back in history class when your teacher was talking about those b.a. assyrians who were bloodthirsty and violent and would put their enemies heads on pikes? well, thats us (which explains why most assyrians have bad tempers). although we no longer have a nation to hail from, we mostly come from iraq.


My great grandpa on my dads side was in the italian mafia and escaped to new york in order to marry my great grandma cus the mafia people wouldnt let him. we still have all this stuff he stole. all my other ancestors came from italy too. my gma was one of 15, she was born on the ship coming from italy.


My great, great…something grandfather Francis is from a town by Liverpool in England. His father often whipped him and he was a very stern man. (info from his diary) One day after a bad whipping Francis decided he had enough of it and he ran away from home deciding to go to America to pursue and gather with the lds saints. Francis snuck onto a ship going to the US and hid in the hull eating the stored potatoes. After a time (i think a week or so) he was caught hiding down there with three other young men. The captain allowed them to stay aboard as long as they took on the duties of a sailor. By the time they had reached the US, the captain and his wife were so impressed that they wanted to adopt Francis, as they had no children of their own. Francis politely said no because he wanted to go live with the saints. Francis continued to Utah and later settled the White Mountains in Arizona.

Thanks for all your stellar comments, Sparklers! Next week we’ll cover holidays and foods.

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