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Blood is Cool: A Middle School Rap

Blood is Cool: A Middle School Rap

Following our solicitation of the protein synthesis rap from Sparkler tawly31, Sparkler yasna18 submitted another hilariously poetic take on science. Enjoy! —SparkNotes Editors

This summer, I was idly wasting away in front of the television when my mom dragged a big red monstrosity in front of the TV screen and dumped it at my feet. My backpack from seventh grade. I hadn’t opened it since then, and now, as an incoming high school freshman, it had come back to haunt me. I slowly dragged myself off the couch and began to grudgingly unzip the bag. My mom was still staring at me. “ it okay if you go away now?”

“No, I’m going to help you clean up this mess. Keep what you want and throw out the rest.”

Truth to be told, I wasn’t quite keen on keeping anything, and as I peered into the fossilized contents of my backpack, I knew I was correct. As I shuffled the mess of papers, I tried to hide certain items of an incriminating nature from my mom. Like the math test I had gotten a C on. Or those graphic and disturbing worksheets with pictures of male and female reproductive organs from sex ed, and the other papers about birth control (#3. Describe and illustrate the function of a condom.).

Among the papers that remained, I unearthed a certain poem/rap about blood which I had written for my science homework. Thankfully, my poetry skills have much improved since then, but it’s still an interesting read:

Blood is Cool

Blood is pumped through your body by the heart,

And I have some info on blood that I wanna impart.

There are four parts of blood, no doubt about that.

There’s plasma and platelets, and at,

The end there is two cells: white and red.

And if you lose them your bone marrow will make some instead.

There’s a bunch of different white blood cells; too many to list.

But I’ll name a few so you know that they exist.

There’s lymphocyte, basophile and neutrophil,

And there’s monocyte, and lastly eosinophil.

You probably want to know the function of blood,

And it isn’t there just to create a red flood. (In retrospect, this line is not OK.)

Blood transports materials from one place to another,

Within it plasma carries this stuff more than any other.

But red blood cells carry oxygen all over,

While white blood cells fight disease, moreover!

Last but certainly not the least,

We have platelets that form blood clots, they are the beasts!

There are four types of blood that everyone has:

You’re either A, or B, or AB, or O, alas!

Each has its own protein unique,

Save O, which has none, but that don’t mean it’s weak.

Then of course there remains the Rh factor,

You’re either positive or negative, either way doesn’t matter.

If you think blood rocks, then you’re weird like me,

If you don’t, I’m telling you blood is cool, don’t argue with me.

What about you, Sparklers? Have anything from middle school that you're embarrassed of?

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