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Fast Dances Even You Can Do

Fast Dances Even You Can Do

All over the country, Stretch Hummers are rolling down streets littered with corsages, which can only mean we’re in the thick of prom season. Some schools already had theirs and plenty of you are still choosing songs and figuring out carpools for one of the weekends to come. But we feel like there’s still something we’re forgetting… oh yeah, the dancing. Yeah, we can help with that too.

Every year prom-goers spend about five minutes cheek-to-cheek during the slow dance, and of course everyone and their grandmother will be putting a ring on it (if they like it), but what do you for the other four hours at the dance? How about trying out one of these:

"The Freddie"

“Kick your legs up/throw your arms up too/bob your head both ways like you see me do ”

“The Freddie” might not look that cool at first, but listen to the song: It’s the thing to do! People will envy you! You’ll jump around and shriek like a maniac! So give it (and yourself) a chance —it’s an easy dance.

“The Charleston”

Preserved in the memory of theater kids due to its inclusion in plenty of movie-musicals, “The Charleston” is a bit more complicated than “The Freddie,” but it’s aged a lot better too. As this video demonstrates, it goes great with Daft Punk.

“The Batusi”

Christian Bale fights evil better, but Adam West always seemed to have a lot more fun. Why doesn’t Batman dance anymore?

“The Hustle”

Everyone knows this song, so you can be sure your prom DJ will have it, and since almost nobody remembers how to actually do “The Hustle” anymore, no one under the age of 50 will know if you’re doing it wrong. Alternatively, you can just stand in place going, “Doo doo Doo doodoo doodoo Doo Doo/Doo doo Doo doodoo doodoo Doo Doo.”

“The Cabbage Patch.” ”The Mashed Potato?” Which dance craze will take your prom by storm?

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