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Yesterday was Mother's Day?!?!

Yesterday was Mother's Day?!?!

Awwww, man! You totally messed up and forgot that yesterday was Mother's Day.  It was just that when you woke up at 1:00 (OK, 3:00), after shoveling down a giant bowl of cereal, you got right to work studying for that Chem test that you had put off all weekend.  By the time you came out of your room, it was dark outside.  And it was only when you noticed the flowers from Dad/your sister/your brother, that you realized your mistake. 

We understand: It happens to the best of us. But maybe forgetting can work to your advantage.

Since everyone else already went the traditional route--66.8 percent of people get Mom flowers, 54.8 percent take her out to a restaurant--this is your opportunity to get creative.  Here's our list of thoughtful, interesting, and somewhat offbeat things to do for your mom if you missed the special day:

  • Cook dinner for her.
  • Clean your room (you know how shocked she would be?!)
  • Offer to go with her to that sappy romantic comedy you know she's dying to see.
  • Perform some lame magic tricks.
  • Print up a bunch of pics of you and your fam and put together a photo album--you know, like, a real, tangible, three-ring binder kind of thing that she can sit and look at without having to squint at the computer trying to figure out how to use iPhoto or Picasa.
  • Do your own laundry for a week (and that includes folding it too!)
  • Walk/feed/generally take care of the family pet. And maybe teach it to play piano.
  • Make Thursday the "Real Mother's Day" complete with those traditional flowers and dinner out.
  • Write an "I'm sorry I messed up" poem--and perform it in a silly costume.
  • Offer to babysit your younger sibs while she goes out on the town for a night.
  • Get her a belated card--or even better, make one, like you did when you were in elementary school--and write something heartfelt in it.
  • Show her the awesome grade you got on that Chem test.
  • Write your well wishes all over her car in soap (but be prepared for the consequences, i.e. subsequently washing her car!)

Did you forget Mother's Day?  If you did, what are you going to do to make it up to your mom?  Any brilliant ideas we didn't include?

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