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What Would You Write a Twook About?

What Would You Write a Twook About?

An author and former writer for the New Yorker is getting attention for chronicling his hiring and firing from the magazine exclusively in tweets. So far, he's up to 1399. Is this a twook (Twittered book) in the making?

In addition to the fact that Dan Baum looks a little like the missing member of a barbershop quartet, we think he might be a closet Sparkler, as we covered this idea like, forever ago.

If the cutthroat world of literary journalism can inspire a twook, why not the cutthroat world of high school? Consider making your mark on the Twiterary world with an epic feed of tweets on one of these topics:

  • Your recent heart-rending breakup (potential title: 'Tis Better to Have Twoved and Lost Than Never to Have Twoved At All).
  • Your unrequited crush (potential title: Great Textpectations).
  • The totalitarian regime of your history teacher (potential title: 19TW8E4).
  • Your unrelenting quest to get someone to make out with you (potential title: The Twitter in the Rye).
  • Your love/hate relationship with the cool clique (potential title: The Great Twitsbies).
  • Your semester abroad (potential title: The Tweet Also Rises).
  • Your cheating girlfriend (potential title: The Scarlet Twitter).
  • Your ridiculously strict parents (potential title: Tweeters in the Attic).

What would you write a twook about?

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