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Like countless others in the digital community, we too were swept up last month in the existential humor of David After Dentist. But after the high wore off, we couldn't help but lament all the other viral video phenoms that have brightened our lives only to fade into the pop culture wasteland, never to be clicked again.

That's when we found an amazing little website called Time Tube. Open the page, type a random word in the search box (for example, "cat"), and let the site work its magic (though sometimes the magical Time Tube gets stuck in magical time traffic). Want to watch a cute little Munchkin Cat dance to the music of twinkly toy piano pings circa November 2007? Just scroll back on the time line, and have at it.

With Time Tube's help, we put together our viral video faves--those videos we can look back on and remember fondly in five, ten, or twenty years from now:

#1. Numa Numa Dance: Remember the first time you saw goofy Gary Brolsma pumping his arms in time to a Romanian pop song? While we might have felt sorry for him (after all, who wants their uninhibited thrashings emailed to everyone in the universe!), Brolsma's enthusiasm really just made us want to dance!

#2. Grape Lady Falls: Who would have thought that stomping grapes could be so dangerous? Well it is, and this local TV host gets what she deserves for trying to cheat.  Don't miss her fellow TV news anchors' response at the end of the video: "Oh no, oh dear." Way to express some honest sympathy for your co-worker.

#3. Star Wars Trumpet Stacy Hedger: How could we have known that the theme from Star Wars, played by the fabulously coiffed Stacy Hedger, could be so haunting (and so off-key)? Ah, beauty pageants: what endless entertainment.

#4. End of the World: The "End of the World" was kind of weird for a viral phenomenon. It was a little more narrative than most of its contemporaries, but still offered catchy phrases like, "WTF mate?" and "I'm le tired." And even if you missed it the first time around, it deserves a place in the video capsule cause the political content will remind us that we witnessed history.

#5. Sneezing Panda: No matter what the future brings, humanity will always revel in the thrill of a baby panda sneezing. It never gets old, does it?

So which vids would make it in your time capsule?

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