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Rock Band: A Few New Suggestions

Rock Band: A Few New Suggestions

We at SparkNotes already love Rock Band, so you can imagine our excitement at the news that there would be an all-Beatles version of the game. We've already seen Guitar Hero: Aerosmith, soon to be followed by Metallica and Pearl Jam editions. But these iterations still just build around the music of traditional guitar/bass/vocal/drum bands? Let's consider a few ways we might stretch the genre.

Rock Band: The White Stripes. For gamers who can't get more than a couple of people together at one time, this title is perfect. Plus no more arguing about who gets the arduous task of playing the drums; the only available setting for them in this game is "easy."

Rock Band: Vanilla Ice. You'll want to play this game over and over. And you'll have to, if you want to fill more than a few minutes.

Guitar Hero: Keane. Any hack can shred along to Guns 'N' Roses or Fallout Boy. It takes true gaming skill to play the guitar parts for a band that doesn't have a guitarist.

Rock Band: Nickelback. Includes a full catalog of 40 songs, but 30 of them sound exactly the same.

Singstar: Lil' Wayne. Unfortunately, because the explicit lyrics have been edited out, it sounds like you're rapping over a bad cell phone connection.

Rock Band: Arcade Fire. The only game that comes bundled with cello, accordion, and glockenspiel controllers.

Rock Band: REM. The patented "Stipe-meter" deducts points if it can understand the lyrics.

Singstar: Amy Winehouse: Bonus points awarded for showing up to the song late and quitting before it's done, stumbling, and violence.

Singstar: Polyphonic Spree. Who has time to learn how to play those fake instruments? If you and your friends would rather spend your musical gaming time working on your vocal chops, this game---based on the experimental choral rock band---is for you. Comes with an adapter that allows you to plug in up to 37 microphone controllers at a time.

Which acts would you most like to virtually join? Explain yourself!

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