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Dere Teacher, UR Class Makes Me Dumber

Dere Teacher, UR Class Makes Me Dumber

Dere _______________ (your teacher's name here),

I'm writing this letter on behalf of ______________ (group of students) at ____________ (your school name) who think you do a ______________ job as a teacher. You seem to think you are soooooo __________, but really, I haven't learned a thing all year!

The first problem is that you are so ____________ that my mind always wanders off. Like when you were teaching about ____________ and I was acting like I was paying attention, I was actually thinking about _____________ and what it would be like if I ________________-ed and then __________________-ed for like 6 months. Haha!

If you want to relate to teenagers, you really have to stop wearing _______________. I mean, it makes you look like a _____________ with a ___________-ing problem. Really now, how can we respect you when you look so _____________ all the time? You're more ______________ than our school mascot!

And why do you always say, "_______________________." I am sorry, that is not a cool catch phrase.  If I had dime for every time you said "_________________," I'd buy my way out of this school and take a different ___________ class.

Sometimes I try to put myself in your __________-looking shoes so I can see where you're coming from. I think, "What is _____________(teacher's name here)'s motivation?" And you know what I've come up with? Your favorite thing in life must be ______________ because every time us students ________________ you just ________________!!!

I think the homework you assign is way too ___________ and your grading is too ____________. What, do you think you're going to get arrested for _____________ if you give me a _______________? Well, you won't.

And... are you depressed or something? Why are you so _______________? I mean, do you not get enough _____________ at home? Or is it because you don't have _______________? Just get a _______________ already because it's not fair to take out your issues on your students!

I think you don't understand that life is tough for us, too. I mean, I wake up at _____ a.m., get home at ______ p.m. and have to do ______ hours of homework before I get so tired I just pass out. So please start to cut us some slack, okay, you ____________?

Basically, I want you to know that your ______________ techniques are not working. In fact, ur class has made me dumber. How will I ever get into ________________ with teachers like you?!?

Yours ________________-ly,

ANONYMOUS. (Duh, I would never actually sign this! I mean, I'm not that dumb!)

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