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The Devil Runs in Prada Heels: Part One

The Devil Runs in Prada Heels: Part One

As someone who worked in magazines for a time, mostly as an intern, I am almost able to justify my fascination with the brain candy that is the Style Network’s new reality show, “Running in Heels.” Sure, it's a thinly veiled infomerical for women’s fashion mag Marie Claire, but I heart it.

The best part of the show (other than editor-in-chief Joanna Coles’s accent) is the D.R.A.M.A. shaping up between the three subjects/interns: Talita, Samantha, and worst/best of all (depending on which way you want to look at it), Ashley.

Basically, Ashley is Horrible with a capital H: rude, petty, and possessed of a semi-delusional sense of entitlement. Now, it's a good 15 years after the reality TV revolution, and I am aware that a lot of what goes on in these shows is scripted and edited. But, see, I know this girl. She’s in every high school, every college, every workplace. Of course, I’m not talking about the real Ashley. I’m talking about the archetype of “Ashley.”

According to Ashley’s online bio, she loves “painting, shoes, vodka, Bikram yoga and exploring local flea markets with her boyfriend, Christian.” Allow me to translate:

  • Ashley loves painting because she’s not shallow. She really has the soul of an artist.
  • Ashley loves shoes because…they’re shoes! Not loving shoes is like not loving babies or puppies.
  • Ashley loves vodka (with water and just a splash of cranberry) and Bikram yoga because she desperately wants to be skinny, and beer has too many calories. Plus, if she drinks enough vodka or does enough Bikram yoga, she’ll throw up, which is, like, totally two birds with one stone.
  • And Ashley has a boyfriend and you don’t. (However, I do have to wonder if “boyfriend” is being used in its looser definition here, as in, “Hey, boyfriend, wanna go scope the local flea market and then pick up guys together?”)

And all this before we’ve even gotten to the first episode. For that, stay tuned for The Devil Runs in Prada Heels: Part Two.

Have you seen the show? Are you addicted yet? Anyone want to defend Ashley?

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