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Are you a serious gamer? Like, really, really serious? Well, we know how to fix that.

It's a website called Videogamey, which pokes fun at some aspect of virtually every game and platform you can think of. Regularly updated with hilarious encyclopedia-style entries by co-editors "Glark" and "Omar G," Videogamey will fill you in on everything from Atari to Zuma.

But Videogamey isn't just for the hardcore player; it's got something for everyone who's ever been around a controller.

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Casual gamers. Even if the only games you play are on Facebook, they can hook you up.

People who want to apply gaming experience to real life. Especially if you play Balloon Fight.

Game historians. With more than a half-century of combined gaming experience, Glark and Omar know their stuff all the way back to Pong and beyond.

People annoyed by the single-minded gamer in their life. Next time you're bored watching a friend or date play Half-Life 2, remember this and laugh. Better yet, think of it as a starting point.

People who want to get back to their games quickly. We dare you to find a blog with shorter entries than this one.

Disclosure: Glark and Omar are friends of ours, but not to worry; we don't have any friends who aren't funny. Oh, and the G in Omar G? Stands for "Gallaga." So there.

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