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How To Build a Dollhouse

How To Build a Dollhouse

Joss Whedon sometimes seems like a TV wizard, but after having seen the pilot of his new series Dollhouse, it’s apparent to us that when he mixes up his televisual concoctions, he uses recipes just like anyone else. And we’ve proved it by reverse-engineering how he came up with his new show.

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Step 1: Gather ingredients. Assemble the cast using elements from hip properties like The Matrix, Rushmore, Battlestar Galactica, and, of course, Buffy and Angel.

Step 2: Assemble the premise. Just grab whatever’s on your TV or DVD shelf and mix it together. Some Alias (shadowy agency sends hot chick on missions…), stir in some Quantum Leap (…in which she temporarily inhabits the lives of others…), a dollop of Samantha Who? (…with no memories of her own…), and a couple of spoonfuls of The X-Files (…while a tenacious government agent doggedly seeks the truth, pissing off his skeptical superiors…) and a healthy dash of Lost (…wait, what?).

Step 3: Stick it all in the oven. If it comes out wrong, stick it back in again. If it still comes out wrong, put it on the air and hope for the best.

Twelve years ago, Joss Whedon made us believe that a tiny high school girl could be a vampire slayer, thanks in part to a clear premise. Now, we can spend an hour listening to the people on Dollhouse explain that show’s premise to each other, and still not be sure we understand what's going on. Joss was the god behind Buffy, but before you program a season pass for Dollhouse, remember that he was the crackpot behind Firefly as well.

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