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Fun and cheap Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day

Fun and cheap Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and before you know it you’ll have to show your honey how much you adore them by doing a little something special. But showing your love these days shouldn’t mean spending lots of cash you don’t have. So before you go raiding your savings account, here are some fun recession-proof ways to share the love.

Make a book of “love” coupons
You use coupons at the supermarket or movie theater so why not do the same for love? Make these cute coupons redeemable for niceties like a massage, a foot rub, or a special lunch (you pack it).

Have a stay-at-home movie date
Surely you didn’t get to see all the Oscar-nominated flicks at the movie theater this year? Make it a special night by renting a few on Netflix and hosting a private screening just for the two of you. You could even go a little glam and put together a few cocktails (think crackers with cheese and grapes or some gourmet popcorn) and sparkling juice.

Create a playlist of your favorite love songs

Who doesn’t love a good sappy song? This is a fun and easy way to think of each other even when you’re not together.

Send a text a day
Technically V-Day shouldn’t be the only day you do something special. You could drum up some momentum by sending a special wake-up text every morning. It could be anything: a poem, lyrics from an awesome love song, your favorite quotes about love. Think L-O-V-E

Do something the other person really likes
Part of being together is being open to new activities—even if you’re not so sure you’ll enjoy them. Guys, you could host a mini spa day with your honey (think of giving her a manicure or washing her hair). On the other hand, girls, think of going out to shoot some hoops or even playing video games with your guy.

Remember, the coolest thing about Valentine’s Day is that you get to spend quality time together.

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